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Seven small to medium manufacturing and assembly plants commissioned

Sunday, July 5, 2020

I commissioned operations of seven small to medium manufacturing and assembly plants in Namanve Industrial Park this afternoon. 

These set-ups are a result of deliberate measures taken to make Uganda a desirable investment destination. It is why rather than focus on direct taxes, we stress job creation which improves our people's incomes and their purchasing power. 

Indeed, I have seen many of our children employed in these factories to man points of production and assembly lines. These are earning some money and also getting skills. 

To the investors, besides our local and regional markets, we have different agreements internationally such as AGOA, Everything But Arms for the EU market, and concessions on over 400 products to the Chinese market.  All of these are on a non-tarrif, non-quota basis. 

I am glad that the Investment ministry and the Uganda Investment Authority is finally relocating land to investors based on performance rather than promise. It will help us weed out the non-performers.

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